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MyMedic - Premium first aid kits and supplies designed by first responders

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The best first aid kits on the planet, MyMedic emergency medical kits are thoughtfully designed by first responders including EMTs and former military medics. They are created to equip users of every skill level and all types of medical emergency situations. A variety of specialty first aid kits including the "Moto Medic," or the "TFAC Specialty Trauma" first aid kits are offered. There are also general use kits including the "MyFAK" and the "Recon." Most kits have a "standard" and a "pro" level. User's with advanced first aid training can benefit from the extra equipment and supplies included in the pro level kits. Unlike a lot of first aid kits on the market, MyMedic first aid kits are packed into high quality, rugged packs and cases with a lot of really good internal organization.