Primis Medical offers two management services:

  • NEW OPENINGS - A service designed to assist in opening new medical facilities by providing expertise, medical equipment, and supplies.

  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - With our asset management service you always know what equipment and supplies are needed for every situation in your medical facility. We also help you replace old, outdated equipment with new or refurbished.

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New Openings

Opening a new outpatient surgery facility – whether it’s an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or Physician Specialty Practice – can be a daunting task, especially when starting from the ground up with new construction, unestablished processes, and a staff that is not familiar with the nuances of large project acquisitions.

Thoughtful planning and a deep understanding of the way medical practices operate is just the starting point.  Primis Medical helps make this a little less painful partnering with our clients to budget, resource and even provide white glove delivery, setup, installation and training. This complete suite of services is very unique and provides you and your staff the ability to focus on patient care.

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Asset Management

Primis Medical has partnered with The Asset Portal (TAP) to provide an industry first surplus asset management SAS program. Starting at the point of purchase our system integrates seamlessly creating visibility into asset activity. The customer can choose to view supplies, instruments and capital equipment by region, facility or department. Redeployment is a snap with our financial reporting application. Need to loan an ultrasound to a sister facility across town has never been easier to track and remind staff of where valuable assets have been transferred alerting staff to retrieve.

Moving resources through the stage of replacement or sales when they are no longer needed by a facility with the click of a button. Create a call tag, arrange pickup and follow the entire sales process. Just need to check fair market value (FMV)? Using our database to research current market value is a snap.

Understanding the best use for surplus assets is not the role of a department head or material manager. We provide time tested guidance for redeployment, resale, recycle and safe HIPAA standard data destruction. Yes you can safely sell or donate that ultrasound if it is processed by our team of experts. The bottom line is surplus inventory can help cash flow and your bottom line.

Asset Management Portal