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We Are Primis Medical

We take our role as a supplier of the healthcare industry very seriously. We serve those who save lives and who provide care for those that we care most about: our families, our friends, and our communities. Our goal is to make sure that you can spend your time and energy focused on your patients, and we’ll make sure you have what you need to do so.

Medical Equipment & Instruments

At Primis Medical, our team believes in doing things right from start to finish. From educating you throughout the selection process, to a simplified ordering system that is as easy and comfortable as possible, we take the hassle out of the acquisition process. That’s only the beginning. Our team will work with you post order throughout delivery and installation to ensure you’re getting an ROI as soon as possible. Once up and running, through our service and maintenance partners and by offering the supplies necessary to support your new additions, we make sure you are kept up and running. From Scapels to C-Arms, we have hand selected over 700 manufacturers to ensure that no matter what you need done, we can make sure it’s done right.

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Medical Supplies

Profitability lives and dies with your supply purchases. As we have grown, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers of medical supplies to ensure we offer what you need, when you need it. By leveraging these relationships, it allows Primis Medical to offer pricing that our competitors simply cannot match. Coupled with our built-from-scratch distribution network strategically spread across the nation, Primis Medical is the right choice for medical supply needs.

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Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

We at Primis Medical like to use the saying “the right tool, for the right job, has the right outcome”. Nowhere does this seem to ring more true than at a veterinary practice. From dogs and cats, to equine and exotics, the right tool can become a little harder to identify, let alone source. To keep our customers focused on being world class practitioners, we have become a world class resource. From “tried and true” tech, to the newest state of the art equipment, we have built resources that fit any budget.

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Why do business with primis medical?

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Knowledgeable Staff

With over 30 years of experience in the medical industry across the clinical, administrative, and supply chain fields, the Primis Medical team was built from the ground up to advocate for our customers. Having been on all sides of the industry, we understand the pains and frustrations that come with it. We couple that experience with a company-wide robust continuing education program to ensure that when you have questions, we have answers. A dynamic tea for a dynamic industry.

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Design, Source, Build

Primis Medical is your trusted partner to help you navigate throughout the process of adding value to your business. Whether it’s new equipment to add a revenue stream, redesigning your workflow to increase profitability, or new construction to increase the market that you serve, the team at Primis Medical has your back. With experience outfitting Hospitals, Medical Centers and Specialty Centers worldwide, when it comes to making your dreams a reality, choose experience. Choose Primis Medical.

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TAP Inventory Management

Asset management is an integral part of any business but your team's time may be your most valuable asset. Don’t waste it crunching numbers in spreadsheets and cell phone apps that are prone to human error. With a foundation of proprietary algorithms and millions of data points, The Asset Portal (TAP), is the revolutionary asset management tool that simplifies every step in your assets lifecycle. Our custom tailored multi channel capabilities ensures that you get the most value possible when onboarding assets, throughout their service life, and through the disposition process.

Primis Proudly Supports
Project Perfect World,
Not Just a Medical Mission

The Project Perfect World Foundation is not merely a surgical mission. Our vision is to empower international healthcare providers with education, collaboration, and infrastructure development. We leave each country that we work with more self-reliant and better equipped to care for the children in their community. Ultimately as local surgeons and healthcare workers demonstrate their competence, PPW’s involvement at the facility will decrease. PPW also supplies medical equipment that is not otherwise obtainable due to the various socio-economic issues in partnering countries. Similarly, donated equipment is serviced by PPW personnel until collaborating hospitals have demonstrated their capacity to service the equipment on their own.

Over 25 years of successful collaboration and infrastructure development sets us apart. Project Perfect Worlds plans to continue its collaborative programs in Ecuador adding a Hip Dysplasia and Spine specific program in 2021.

PPW also plans to broaden its reach to other communities in Latin America, furthering medical education by partnering U.S. based programs with international colleagues.

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Perfect World

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True Miracles of Damien House

The spirit and will of its patients and staff is truly a miracle. Many of the patients live at Damien House because they are no longer welcome in society. However, if caught early, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) can be treated and completely cured. All of the residents at Damien House have been completely cured of the disease. Many are living with the secondary complications of the disease. Hansen's Disease is one of the oldest and most misunderstood diseases of our world.

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Damien House

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