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Prestige Ameritech ProGear Sensitive Skin Tie-On Level 1 Surgical Mask

$999 USD $1300 USD
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Prestige Ameritech's unique wave design fits snuggly and securely. The Skin-Saver masks are specifically designed for professionals with extra-sensitive skin. Skin-Saver masks contain no colorants, no adhesives, no inks, and no dyes. Made in USA using all American raw materials and are FDA approved.

  • Model: FM83110
  • Color: White
  • Quality of 50 per box or 300 per case
  • Level 1 rated
  • Differential Pressure: 2.0
  • Particle filtration efficiency: 98+
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: 98+
  • No fluid resistant claims
  • Nose Clip

ASTM Level 1 Certification

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