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Acclarix AX8

Acclarix AX8

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Acclarix AX8

​Features and Benefits


The Acclarix AX8 incorporates Silicon Valley innovation and design expertise. The 128-channel hardware architecture offers exceptional processing power resulting in outstanding image quality. Available on the system are many technologies including:
• TAI -Tissue Adaptive Imaging – Edan’s proprietary imaging technology
• eSRI – Speckle Reduction Imaging
• Panoramic Imaging
• Needle Visualization Technology
• One touch image optimization
• Tissue Doppler Imaging
• Automated measurement tools including Auto IMT and Auto OB
• Comprehensive set of DICOM functions
• 3D/4D capability with eFace feature to automate volume editing

System Design

 Designed from the ground up with a relentless focus on delivering unexpected levels of innovation the AX8 features design breakthroughs that make operation easy, fast and intuitive.
• High definition 15” LCD monitor, tilts and swivels for optimal viewing at any angle.
• Dual gesture-controlled touchscreens simplify workflow. The 10” touch screen is customizable to personalize

  workflow. The 5” multi-touch, virtual trackball enables multiple functions at your fingertips.
• The control panel is fully sealed. The glass touchscreens and keys are encased in a silicon rubber for easy

  cleaning and to aid in maintaining infection control.
• Battery operation and wireless data transfer enable continuous workflow wherever you are.
• A compact design and optional carrying case allows the system to be conveniently transported to where it is needed.