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Amsco 2080 Manual OR Table

Amsco 2080 Manual OR Table

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Amsco 2080 Manual OR Table

The Amsco 2080M manual surgical table is a multi-purpose operating table with the reliability
and simplicity of manual operation. This workhorse is still very popular for its functionality and
value and continues to provide a superior solution for specific clinical needs. The 2080 provides
a full range of articulation, meeting the needs of virtually every general surgical procedure. The
addition of the x-ray top mounted on the table top facilitates taking x-rays during the
procedure. Despite being a manual operated table the controls are very easy to use and
extremely intuitive.

• Pedestal includes tabletop lift cylinder and
support column with bearing-mounted saddle
frame fully enclosed by stainless-steel,
telescoping shrouds.
• Each shroud is one-piece construction
• 300 lb weight capacity,
• Side rails for accessories
• Adjustable head rest.
• Back up/down
• Leg up/down
• Trendelenberg/Reverse Trendelenberg
• 20-inch wide tabletop divided into four
hinged sections
• Cast aluminum sections

Table Height: 45”-27”
Trendelenberg and Reverse Trendelenberg: 20 ̊
Lateral Tilt: ±10 ̊
Length: 72 1/4”
Width: 20”
Width w/Rail: 21 5/8”