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This new HD digital colposcope serial is a perfect combination of outstanding HD camera, powerful software and convenient workstation to accommodate the rigid requirements of gynecologists in colposcopic screening. High resolution camera and unique LED light type ensure superior image quality to reproduce the examination area to the greatest extent. With professional software and analysis tool, everything becomes standardized and well-regulated. Different models and accessories provides more available options to meet various demands in clinical application. This new serial is turning a new page in colposcopy.

 The outstanding full HD image quality contributes to correct decision-making and provides safety guarantee for the patient.

HD image                                                     SD image


  Magnification level: 1-50x, upgradable to 1-60x


 Special-designed LED lighting system provides ultra-bright illumination.
The High Definition Colposcope is equipped with 12 SMD LED in ring shape with adjustable intensity to provide the ultra-bright LED illumination. Brightness is more than 3000 Lux at 30cm distance. Color temperature of approximate 60000

 Electronic green filter enhances vascular image display

 Acetic acid and iodine reaction test timer to ensure timely capturing

 Powerful data management software for image display and analysis

 A large storage of clinical images for confident decision-making and better self-learning

 Innovation R-way™ helps to guide and standardize the interpretation of colposcopic findings
An innovation of guiding and standardizing the interpretation of colposcopic findings, R-way TM supplies simplified multiple choice questions, which can be easily handled by clinical users who even with limited experience on the use of colposcope, and address to a preliminary diagnosis.

• Standardized colposcope screening process for better quality control

• Standardized evaluation procedure and report system for quick CIN2+ assessment

Saline application- “R for Red”: To observe the area with rich blood circulation, this reflects in red.

5% acetic acid-“W for White”: To reveal increased nuclear activity, this reflects in white.

Green filter-“A for Abnormal”: To better observe abnormal vascular features, this defines as A.

Lugol’s iodine solution-“Y for Yellow”: To observe fields of no iodine uptake, this reflects in yellow.