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Fujifilm Fdr D-Evo™

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Fujifilm Fdr D-Evo™

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Fujifilm Fdr D-Evo™


FDR D-EVO provides light, portable detectors that can quickly turn your x-ray room into a DR room with incredible versatility, allowing you to perform table and free cassette-based exams with ease. There’s also no need to re-work your existing equipment because FDR D-EVO fits existing standard Buckys and holders.

Software Features

• Dynamic Visualization™ is Fujifilm’s latest image processing technology, providing   outstanding first-up detail and virtually eliminating the need for post processing.

• Complete common workflow steps in as few as 2-3 mouse clicks

• Worklist views with status icons and thumbnail images

• Double click full-screen zoom

• PICC line/edge enhancement toggle

• Dose tracking and management tools

Dose optimization

• Customizable menus help simplify dose-saving techniques.

• Exposure Index (EI) and Deviation Index (DI) guides and tracks deviation from preferred   exposure conditions for each exam.

• EI and DI values can be sent in DICOM headers, allowing low dose initiative   monitoring.

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• Multi-Accession opens multiple studies with separate accessions for the same patient   in one acquisition screen.

• Auto trimming simplifies offset imaging by automatically detecting the exposure area.

• The true sized cropped image is sent to PACS, for optimal image display size at both   workstations.

• Region of Interest (ROI) image adjustment — unique 2-point ROI function that   reprocesses images instantly based on user-selected points of interest.

• Image Stitching (optional) for DR and CR automatically combines multiple adjoining   images into a single long length image for scoliosis and long leg studies.


Key benefits of Fujifilm FDR D-EVO include:
  • Dynamic Visualization ™ image processing technology
  • Advanced dose efficiency
  • Fits standard bucky devices
  • Available in Wireless, Fixed and Wired, as well as Cesium Iodide and Gadolinium Oxysulfide
  • Detector options weigh 9 lbs. and under.

Detector Tech Specs

Detector Size: 14″ x 17″ (36 x 43 cm) (P35i Wireless)
14″ x 17″ (36 x 43 cm) (P35s Wired)

17″ x 17″ (43 x 43 cm) (P43s Fixed)

24 x 30cm (P24ic)

Model: P35i, P35s, P43s and P24ic
Scintillator: Cesium Iodide (i)
Gadolinium Oxysulfide (s)
Pixel Size: 150 μm
Resolution: 13.8″ x 16.8″
Pixels: 2304 x 2880 (P35i)

2304 x 2880 (P35s)

2816 x 2816 (P43s)

1535 x 1920 (P24ic)

Image Depth: 16-bit
Image Preview: < 2 seconds
Cycle Time: 8 sec. (P35i)
8-10 sec. (P35s)

8-12 sec. (P43s)

5-7 sec. (P24ic)

Dimensions: 18″ x 15″ x 0.55″ (P35i)

18″ x 15″ x 0.55″ (P35s)

18.1″ x 18.1″ x 0.55 (P43s)

24 x 30 x 1.6cm (P24ci)

Detector Weight: 7 lbs (P35i)
7.3 lbs (P35s)

8.3 lbs (P43s)

4.2 lbs (P24ic)


Brochure: Fujifilm FDR D-Evo BrochureDownload


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