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GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva/5 MRI

SKU: DATE-Ohmeda Aestiva/5

$000 USD

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Description :

The Aestiva/5 MRI is a multi-faceted system that addresses the many demands of your MRI environment.
In fact, it seems a shame to even refer to it as “just an anesthesia machine.” It’s much more.
Whether your MRI unit is equipped with high field closed or lower field open magnets, up to 3T, diagnostic
and/or surgical capabilities, the Aestiva/5 MRI is capable of handling your cases. It even performs at the
300 gauss line in the presence of 3T magnets. If you’re serious about the future of MRI, the Aestiva/5 MRI
is waiting for you. We’re not just talking about it. We’re doing it.

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