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Hitachi Altaire

Hitachi Altaire

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Hitachi Altaire

Magnetic Resonance Imaging systems generate finely detailed, high quality anatomical and functional diagnostic images without the use of ionizing radiation or radioactive substances. While the safety and diagnostic advantages of MRI are clear, in the past many patients were not candidates for MRI due to the drawbacks of traditional closed MRI systems. Closed systems require patients to lie inside a narrow cylinder for approximately one hour. Claustrophobic, extremely ill, and some disabled patients are unable to tolerate the closed environment.

Hitachi pioneered Open MRI to address the problems with traditional closed systems. Hitachi’s award-winning gantry design employs an asymmetric two-post architecture in place of the traditional cylinder and affords a notably large opening.

The Altaire™ Open MRI system employs superconducting technology to generate a 0.7 Tesla field strength in a vertical orientation with extremely high homogeneity. Its high power, high slew rate gradients are competitive with those of traditional, closed high-field systems, and a variety of advanced imaging techniques can be applied with Altaire.