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Konica Minolta Imagepilot Sigma

Konica Minolta Imagepilot Sigma

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Konica Minolta Imagepilot Sigma


Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma – the entry level digital radiography solution. The All‐In‐One digital radiography solution specifically for low‐volume practices that take their diagnostic imaging seriously.


Key benefits of the Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma include:
  • All-In-One Design—Easiest for the staff to learn. Reduces IT support requirements
  • AutoPilot—Automatic image processing for unsurpassed consistency in image quality
  • Simplified Image Acquisition—Single click workflow increases productivity
  • Same User Interface At Every Workstation—learn only one system.
  • Easy-To-Use And Feature Rich Viewing Screen—Image adjustments, annotations, measurements, inputs and outputs, customizable for basic to advanced users

Tech Specs

Imaging Station: Server Platform: Desktop
Hard Drive Capacity: 500GB (1x500GB)
Display: 19″ Lenovo or 23″ Eizo
UPS for Imaging Station: Optional
Regius Sigma Reader: Throughput (14×17 cassettes per hour) 25 (upgradeable to 45)
Backup/Extended Storage: DVD Backup Tool (for disaster recovery): Yes
Backup NAS, 2TB or 4TB RAID 5: Optional
Extended Storage NAS, 2TB or 4TB RAID 5: Optional
Patient Registration: Manual – Data Entry: Yes
Automatic – Worklist Toolkit (includes DICOM MWL): Yes
Image Input: AutoPilot Image Processing for CR Image Acquisition: Yes
Import images from CD/DVD, UDB/folder, DICOM/JEPG: Optional
Additional DICOM Modality Acquisition: Optional
Image Review Tools: View, Annotate, Measure: Yes
Report Tool (requires office): Optional
Simple Note Tool: Yes
Image Output: Export images to CD/DVD w/ DICOM viewer or to folder: Yes
Multi-patient Export to CD/DVD or files: Optional
Print – Windows Printing: Yes
DICOM Store PACS (first target): Optional
Distributed Workflow: Concurrent Users (including server): 1
Max # of authorized client computers: 19
Remote Viewing (IP client w/ compressed previews): Optional
Advanced Connectivity: Worklist Toolkit – DICOM MWL: Yes
DICOM Query Retrieve (SCP or SCU): Optional
EMR Integration (i.e. HL7): Optional


Brochure: Konica Minolta ImagePilot Sigma BrochureDownload