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Philips BV Libra

Philips BV Libra

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Philips BV Libra

Designed to handle all your routine procedures, the BV Libra has one of the best price/performance values of any system in its segment. This lightweight, highly maneuverable fluoroscopy system comes with a 9″ image intensifier and loads of important features.

Get more for your money:

      • Compact, easy-to-steer
      • 9″ triple-mode image intensifier
      • BodySmart imaging software
      • Dose saving pulsed fluoro mode
      • Full RIS/HIS compatibility

Easy to steer, position and operate
Guide the BV Libra right where you need it with hardly any effort. The system’s precision steering and tight turning circle helps you easily maneuver the system through the most crowded spaces.

Once in position, the 9″ image intensifier is ready to handle all your routine procedures including vascular functionality (subtraction and re-masking). Philips optimized imaging chain includes our Charge Coupled Device (CCD) technology and patented anamorphic lens. This means you get exceptional resolution and an outstanding level of detail.

Time saving extras
Acquire excellent image quality with our unique BodySmart software. It immediately finds, tracks and defines the field of view to anatomy – no matter where it is on the image intensifier. Philips sophisticated parallel movement of the system virtually extends your field of view so you can easily image an entire procedure in just one go
Settings like contrast, brightness and edge enhancements are performed in real-time. All controls are laid out in an intuitive fashion with a minimum of functions and menus.

Reduced X-ray dose
Our real pulsed fluoro mode provides excellent quality images at half the dose of normal fluoroscopy. You get superb images with low X-ray dose for you and your patients.

Efficient data management
Fully integrated DICOM connectivity meets your most demanding requirements. RIS/HIS compatibility allows patient demographics to be imported into the BV Libra system and single images or complete examinations to be exported to your hospital network.

Multi-functional use
The BV Libra is designed to go wherever you need it to – surgery, intensive care, or the ER. It is perfect for such exams and procedures as:

      • Orthopedic
      • Urological
      • Neurosurgical
      • Routine vascular exams
      • Pain management treatment
      • Cholangiograms