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Siemens Concerto

Siemens Concerto

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Siemens Concerto

The MAGNETOM Concerto is the economical open MR scanner from Siemens. It ensures maximum patient acceptance, delivers exceptional image quality and provides an excellent return-on-investment.


  • First C-shaped permanent magnet
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Low floor space requirements of 30sqm (320 sq.ft.)
  • Weight 11t (24.250lb)

Gradient System

  • One of the most powerful gradient systems in low field MRI
  • 20mT/m gradient field strength
  • Slew rate of 40T/m/s

Efficient Coil Concept

  • Concerto – Integrated Panoramic Array (C-IPATM) Coils for high resolution imaging of the head, body, spine and extremities.
  • Lower base part of the Head Neck Array Coil and Body Spine Array Coil can remain on the table for examinations of other body regions, thus reducing patient positioning activities

Powerful Computer Platform

  • New syngo speaking user interface. syngo is the common software platform for all imaging modalities.
  • Enhanced productivity with minimized user interactions per operation step.
  • Based on a powerful DEC AlphaTM Panoramic Recon Image Processor reconstructing 100 images/s in combination with a Pentium IIITM based Host Computer with Dual CPU and 1 GB RAM capacity.