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stryker low temp sterilizer

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Stryker Sterizone VP4 Low Temperature Sterilizer (New)

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Stryker Sterizone VP4 Low Temperature Sterilizer (New)

• Model: 44000-R

• The Sterizone VP4 Sterilizer offers advancement in low-temperature sterilization that provides the hospital increased efficiency in volume processing at a lower cost.

    • Simplicity of a single dynamic cycle that adjusts the H2O2 delivery to meet the load configuration/weight.
    • Validated to process some complete instrument sets in a single cycle.
    • Mixed loads including flexible, lumen, and non-lumen devices can be processed at the same time.  This capability, along with the ability to process up to 75 lb. in one cycle allows the sterilization of full instrument sets rather than individual instruments. 
      • Designed to sterilize all your low temperature sterilizable devices, including some of the most complex and sensitive devices like multi-channel flexible endoscopes that fall within certain dimensions, such as gastroscopes, colonoscopes and duodenoscopes.

With the Sterizone VP4 Sterilizer, you will experience the lowest cost per item sterilized compared to any low temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilizer on the market today. With the increased throughput you will experience, you could reduce the number of sterilizers in your department and still process the same or greater volume of devices. You could reduce the number of instruments in your inventory or expand the services your department provides. The smart, single cycle, Dynamic Sterilant Delivery System not only saves you money on consumables, but it makes it easier to train your staff and reduces errors.