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Vidar Clinical Express

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Vidar Clinical Express

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Vidar Clinical Express


If you need to access prior studies, access studies from outside facilities, connect a remote site, or make digital copies of films for the patient to take to another facility, Vidar’s Clinical Express for general radiography and mammography is the solution for you. The Vidar Clinical Express is designed for ease of operation and was developed specifically for use with the world’s leading line of film digitizers by Vidar.


Key benefits of the Vidar Clinical Express include:
  • Automatic CT/MR segmenting
  • Easy and error free patient demographic entry with Modality Work List
  • Easy connection to user selectable remote locations
  • Import and export patient CDs
  • Use for general radiography and mammography

Tech Specs

Computer Minimum: 2.0GHz Pentium 4 PC
512MB of memory (more for high resolution images)
30GB hard disk
Vidar-approved interface to the digitizer
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or
Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack 1 or 2
16MB Video card
1280×1024 resolution and 64,000 colors or higher
15″ display with 1280×1024 resolution
Film Digitizers: Works with Vidar ProAdvantage and Vidar Sierra Advantage
Paper Scanners: Must be TWAIN compliant
Optional Modules: DICOM Modality Work List
DICOM PDI (Media Import and Export) and paper scanning with separate paper scanners


Brochure: Vidar Clinical Express BrochureDownload
Data Sheet: Vidar Clinical Express Data SheetDownload
PACS Workflow: Vidar Clinical Express PACS WorkflowDownload