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Villa Sistemi Medicali Apollo Remote Controlled R/F

Villa Sistemi Medicali Apollo Remote Controlled R/F

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Villa Sistemi Medicali Apollo Remote Controlled R/F


Apollo is the next generation remote controlled RF system from Villa Sistemi Medicali, designed for maximum patient throughput and application flexibility. Four sides open access and the industry lowest tabletop height will ease patient loading operations, as well as procedures requiring support personnel to operate in the table area.

The advanced design of Apollo provides unsurpassed application flexibility for every need of radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures. We know how important is your investment, and how fast you need to recover it. That’s the reason why Apollo is designed to maximize the workflow of your RF suite.

Special attention is given to patient’s dose reduction, by employing a number of provisions, such as low-absorption tabletop materials (plastic or carbon fiber), reduced skin-to-film-distance, fully automatic collimation, retractable grid, fully automatic parameters setting in both fluoro and exposure (zero points technique).

Images are the final products of every radiographic exam. The close integration between every subsystem in your Apollo RF suite ensures that the entire imaging chain always works at its best to give you the highest picture quality. Automated procedures allow you to concentrate on your patient, rather than on the equipment. Apollo perfectly matches the DIVA digital acquisition systems to obtain a filmless RF or DSA room with the highest patient throughput and full Dicom connectivity for seamless integration into PACS networks.


Key benefits of the Villa Sistemi Medicali Apollo Remote Controlled R/F include:
  • Full patient coverage without repositioning
  • Increased workflow
  • Reduced patient dose
  • The tilting column allows for oblique projections
  • Wide scope of application


Brochure: Villa Sistemi Medicali Apollo Remote Controlled R/F BrochureDownload