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Villa Sistemi Medicali Vision Tilting Table

Villa Sistemi Medicali Vision Tilting Table

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Villa Sistemi Medicali Vision Tilting Table


Vision is a high performance conventional R/F system from Villa Sistemi Medicali designed to perform all kinds of R/F studies with the maximum efficiency and ease. Thanks to its flexibility, user friendliness and compact dimensions Vision is the ideal choice for a “light” R/F system.

The design of Vision has been specially focussed on the Spot Film Device, which is fully microprocessor controlled and allows in-line and cross divisions with one of the widest division programs on the market, covering all routine applications. The front-loading cassette tray is power assisted, cassette loading and unloading can be performed using just one hand. Fast and accurate cassette positioning assures fast switching between fluoro and exposure mode.


Key benefits of the Villa Vision Tilting Table include:
  • Equipped with a 1Kx1K digital system for maximum flexibility
  • Ergonomic design of the control panel helps to improve operating efficiency
  • Tableside keypad allows for quick patient positioning
  • Very compact footprint for convenient installation in every practice
  • With a ceiling you can assemble a full-featured diagnostic room


Brochure: Villa Sistemi Medicali Vision Tilting Table BrochureDownload