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We Are Primis Medical

As a supplier of the healthcare industry, we serve those who save lives and provide care for our families, friends and neighbors.

Medical Equipment & Instruments

We believe selecting the correct piece of equipment should be a simple comfortable process and it is with the right support team behind you. We are that team from order, delivery, installation, service and maintenance we have you covered. We hand selected over 100 manufacturers bringing you just what you need. Everything from a Scalpel to a C-Arm we have you covered with best in class products and support.

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Medical Supplies

Keeping supply costs down helps your facility run profitably. With multiple distribution centers strategically located we can get the right products to you quickly saving time and money. Our unique TAP ordering system asset management tool enables you to quickly scan-to-order and keeps your critical PAR level information up to date. It even keeps you alert to special buy opportunities which can provide massive savings over even deeply discounted contract options.

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Veterinary Equipment & Supplies

We say using the right tool for the right job usually has the right outcome. We believe using "Old School" values providing "New School" technologies helps to keep our practices at the leading edge. Our access to resources for small, large and exotic animals reduces you searching on seemingly endless sites. Many of our practitioners like our used and refurbished equipment options and same day finance. Let us show you how adding that new device can add to your profitability.

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Why do business with primis medical?

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Knowledgeable Staff

We have over 30 years experience outfitting Hospitals, Medical Centers and Specialty Centers worldwide. We are constantly educating our staff to new options so they can share this with you.

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Design, Source, Build

We have a vision and it is yours. Let’s work together so we can make it your reality.

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TAP Revolutionize your Inventory Management

TAP, short for The Asset Portal, is a revolutionary tool. It utilizes millions of data points and algorithms to help facilities better understand critical stock information and order options. Your time and money are valuable so why trust it to a spreadsheet or cell phone app?

Primis Proudly Supports
Project Perfect World,
Not Just a Medical Mission

The Project Perfect World Foundation is not merely a surgical mission. Our vision is to empower international healthcare providers with education, collaboration, and infrastructure development. We leave each country that we work with more self-reliant and better equipped to care for the children in their community. Ultimately as local surgeons and healthcare workers demonstrate their competence, PPW’s involvement at the facility will decrease. PPW also supplies medical equipment that is not otherwise obtainable due to the various socio-economic issues in partnering countries. Similarly, donated equipment is serviced by PPW personnel until collaborating hospitals have demonstrated their capacity to service the equipment on their own.

Over 25 years of successful collaboration and infrastructure development sets us apart. Project Perfect Worlds plans to continue its collaborative programs in Ecuador adding a Hip Dysplasia and Spine specific program in 2021.

PPW also plans to broaden its reach to other communities in Latin America, furthering medical education by partnering U.S. based programs with international colleagues.

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Donate to
Perfect World

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Damien House - picture of Leon

True Miracles of Damien House

The spirit and will of its patients and staff is truly a miracle. Many of the patients live at Damien House because they are no longer welcome in society. However, if caught early, Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) can be treated and completely cured. All of the residents at Damien House have been completely cured of the disease. Many are living with the secondary complications of the disease. Hansen's Disease is one of the oldest and most misunderstood diseases of our world.

Donate to
Damien House

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