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Customer Care


(385) 319-7104

Tanyia Cordier
VP Sales and Marketing

Extension: 413
Direct: 385-276-1490

Jordan Storey
Logistics and Warehouse Operations

Extension: 409
Direct: 385-276-1490

Mike Cardamone
Sales Executive

Extension: 406
Direct: 385-276-1491

Jon Wilcox
Gvt Sales & Vendor Relations

Extension: 405
Direct: 385-276-1493

Nate Vance
Data Analyst & Latin America Development

Extension: 410
Direct: 385-276-1253

Mitch Spjut
Sales Executive

Extension: 407
Direct: 385-276-1492

James Pagni
IT Web Development

Extension: 408
Direct: 385-276-1251

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