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Zeiss OPMI-6-SFC Universal S3 ENT Microscope

$4,20000 USD

Zeiss Universal S3 ENT Microscope Complete with Foot Control

Zeiss OPMI 6-SFC Universal Microscope with Foot Pedal

Although the Zeiss OPMI 6-SFC Universal Microscope has not been manufactured new since the 90’s, it has always been reliable both in optical clarity and with enhancing the red-reflex. The technology was applied to the newer Visu series because of it’s simplicity and performance. This system is one of our least expensive options for eye surgery and is an excellent value.

Model: OPMI-6-SFC

Condition: Used, Excellent Condition

If you have any questions about this item, Please give us a call at (385) 319-7104

Zeiss OPMI 6-SFC Universal Microscope Features:

  • Great Value on a Full Ophthalmic Scope
  • Reliable Red-Reflex
  • Zeiss OPMI 6s
  • Zeiss XY2
  • 0-180 degree inclinable binos
  • Zeiss F125 inclined binos
  • 4 12.5x widefield eyepieces
  • Zeiss beamsplitter
  • Stereo observer tube
  • Zeiss objective lens 175mm
  • Zeiss S3 floor stand
  • Zeiss footswitch
  • Sterilizable covers
  • Inclinable binocular 0-60°.
  • Two 12.5x screw-in eyepieces.
  • Fiber-optic illumination.
  • F-200mm objective.
  • Twelve function foot control.
  • X/Y With auto center.
  • Sharp optical view.
  • Optimal depth of focus.
  • High-resolution focus and zoom.
  • Manual override of motorized zoom.
  • Terrific Depth of Focus
  • Compact Microscope Body
  • High Resolution, Internal, Motorized Focus, and Zoom
  • Coaxial Illumination at Angle of 4 Degrees for Bright Red Reflex
  • 1:4 Magnification Ratio
  • Manual Override of Motorized Zoom
  • Motorized Focus-50mm Range
  • Standard UV Filter
  • Two Bulb System for Immediate Back-up
  • Varying Rheostat for Illumination Levels
  • Reliable and Easy to Exchange Bulbs
  • Selector for 110V or 220V
  • Travel Range of 4\” x 4\”
  • Automatic Centering Button
  • Motorized Movement Activated by Joystick on Foot Control
  • Push Button for Illumination On/Off Available
  • Smooth Pedals for Motorized Focus and Zoom
  • Movable Joystick for Motorized XY

This item is used and in excellent condition. This item has been BIO Med Tested



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