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At Primis Medical we stand by our products and customers

"First and Foremost, exceed customers’ expectations." While this is a lofty statement, our team takes it very seriously. We strive to accomplish it with every transaction from a single instrument to a complex imaging suite, it is our goal to treat each customer with the respect and care they deserve. With over 27 years of experience you can buy with confidence. Our team of professionals can answer your questions and if we don't have what you are looking for we can locate it. 

We do more than sell products, we are also a service company providing services in asset relocation and reconditioning, project management, and HIPAA compliant data management.

Medical Equipment Sales and Service

Primis provides new, refurbished and certified Medical Equipment and Instrumentation to the medical and veterinary industries at a significant savings, helping our customers realize their vision while coming in under budget.

Asset Relocation & Reconditioning

Relocation, growth, and downsizing are the natural flow of business and we support our clients with inventory solutions for such events. Whether it is imaging equipment, supplies, surgical equipment or hospital furniture, our team is adept at helping clients get the most from their investment. We can configure and market for resale, transfer and store components or facilitate the relocation effort as needed. These events have complexities and by providing our clients with an accurate inventory that is actively managed, we can partner with them to better utilize/plan space needs as their businesses evolve. Use our technicians and processes to convert and update existing assets. Updates can include software and cosmetic reconditioning. Primis Medical utilizes cutting edge technology such as TAP ("The Asset Portal") to locate what you need or resale your assets.

Project Management Services

If you are setting up, adding on to or upgrading a facility, allow our project managers do the heaving lifting for you.

HIPAA Compliant Data Management

Primis utilizes DOD level data destruction techniques to help our clients remove phantom patient record data from valuable equipment while not destroying operating systems which could render equipment worthless.

Your "Go-To" for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Primis Medical offers a variety of PPE products from gloves and gowns to masks, head and shoe covers.