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About Us


Founded in 2013, Primis Medical has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a small warehouse in Kaysville, Utah. We had a vision and a passion for solving problems in the confusing healthcare supply chain. We decided to direct this vision into providing medical equipment solutions using new technology, a systematic approach and a flair for white glove service.

Fast forward almost 10 years, a rapidly growing warehouse and operations along with a solid amazing team of employees, Primis Medical is now poised to lead the change. Representing over 100 manufacturers we feel confident that we can help you find the right solutions at the right price.

In 2022 Primis proudly introduced to our customers the TAP “The Asset Portal” , a revolutionary asset management and ordering system. TAP does the work for you utilizing millions of data points and algorithms it helps you have a clearer picture of inventory usage and sourcing. We feel this tool will help our customers really make sense of the complex supply chain.

With our ever growing resources, staff and tools we look forward to making your work life easier.

We appreciate your business, Douglas and Tanyia Beck


We feel strongly that companies that hold strong socially beneficial standards can and will be successful moving into the next decade. We are striving to set a culture of family values and a customer centric motive to the forefront of our business. We believe everyone we serve are our customers including vendors and co-workers. We need to develop trust so we can all be more in the end.

We appreciate you all as customers and if for any reason you feel you are not being treated with the utmost respect please reach out to us directly.

Doug and Tanyia Beck