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Alcon ORA Systems with VerifEye Plus Technology DOM: 2019


$39,950.00 USD
Description :

The ORA System, VerifEye Plus, provides precise, real-time measurements during surgery that are not possible with conventional measurements and instruments. It directs an invisible beam of low-intensity light into the eye during cataract surgery. This light then reflects back from the eye, and sensors within the ORA device analyze the eye’s unique optical characteristics. This information is utilized by Surgeons to select the most accurate intraocular lens implant and more accurately place intraocular lenses to improve the visual outcomes after surgery.

ORA SYSTEM powered by AnalyzOR Technology is the one and only intraoperative aberrometer to bring precise, real-time confirmation to every case.


  • Continuous assessment of your patient's eye throughout the procedure
  • Customized surgical planning
  • IOL sphere, cylinder, and alignment suggestions
  • Dynamic variable optimization
  • Robust reporting with AnalyzOR Technology

Optimize your outcomes


ORA SYSTEM® Technology provides real-time measurements of the patient’s eye during surgery, allowing you to confirm you’ve hit your refractive target. When you can validate your calculations before you implant the IOL, you’re adding a critical layer of assurance and accuracy to your procedures.2-13

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