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Spider-Man Adhesive Bandage, 3/4 x 3 Inch Case of 1200

$9900 USD

Adhesive Strip American® White Cross Stat Strip® 3/4 X 3 Inch Plastic Rectangle Kid Design (Spider-Man) Sterile

  • The Spider-Man bandages have a gentle adhesive that's suitable for use on children
  • A highly absorbent, nonadherent wound pad helps wounds heal properly
  • These adhesive dressing strips can be opened quickly using the Stat Strip easy opening wrapper
  • The vented design minimizes the chances of skin maceration
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped and sterilized for your child's safety
  • Case of 1200

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Located in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Damien House exists to provide care and help dispel the stigma of those affected by Hansen's Disease (Leprosy).


Project Perfect World provides orthopedic surgery for children worldwide.