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Drucker 755VES Programmable 12-24 Tube Centrifuge, Multi-Purpose


$1,85000 USD
Description :

The Drucker multi-purpose, programmable 12-24 tube centrifuge offers digital time and speed adjustment with the ability to establish up to 10 saved presets. Horizontal swing-bucket centrifugation prepares samples to CLSI requirements, and the unit can run at g-forces from 500 – 3,150 xg to meet virtually any testing need.

This highly versatile centrifuge is ideal for serology, STAT, platelet-poor plasma (PPP), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), coagulation, clinical chemistry, cytology, urinalysis, and general cell/tissue processing.

Completely adaptable, the model 755VES provides the flexibility and performance necessary for any application.

Model: 755VES

Please note this item is used and in excellent condition.

If you have any questions about this item, Please give us a call at (385) 319-7104

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