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Transparent Film Dressing Roll 4" x 11yd Semi-Permeable


$14.99 USD
Description :

Dynarex View Guard transparent dressing is a sterile semi-permeable dressing. It provides protection for wounds with a breathable barrier keeping wounds clean and dry. Excellent for minor wounds.
  • Used as a transparent dressing in a unique roll format that easily conforms to difficult body contours while allowing the patient to move and flex without stress on skin.
  • Made of a high-quality film that can properly cover up minor wounds and primary dressings and stay durable for up to 7 days.
  • Designed for convenience as it can be easily cut to desired shape or size and be used as an IV transparent dressing or transparent medical tape for surgical incisions among other situations.
  • Acts as a transparent waterproof dressing as it keeps moisture vapors and fluid out. These transparent thin film dressing rolls offer confident protection to wound sites, wound beds, or primary dressings.
  • Promotes faster healing, less scabbing, better tattoos, and less itching.

Sold as a single roll
Size: 4" x 11yd
Model: 3640

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