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EOS 9000113040 Pediatric Imaging Chair Imaging Radiolucent 220Lb Weight Limit

SKU: EOS-9000113040

$3,700.00 USD
Description :

EOS Imaging Radiolucent Chair 

The EOS Radiolucent Chair acquires frontal and lateral EOS images of the patient’s spine and pelvis in a natural, seated position. Once the patient is securely fastened in the chair, the wheels roll him or her smoothly into your EOS cabin. The resulting image quality is uncompromised due to the radiolucent materials. From the bi-planar images which are captured simultaneously at a low dose, 3D modeling can be done using the sterEOS workstation or EOS 3DServices*.
Patient capacity:
Weight from 20kg to 100kg
Height from 80cm to 165cm
Chair components:
Removable foam that fits your patient's morphology
Chin strap, headrest, breast plate, pelvis strap, feet stabilization straps
4 wheels with brakes

• Model:  9000113040
• 220 Lb Weight Limit
• Overall Length:

This item is slightly used and in excellent condition. 

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