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Instrument Specialists C-902717 C-Thru Adult Armboard

SKU: INST-C-902717

$45000 USD
Description :

Instrument Specialists C-902717 C-Thru Adult Armboard Transparent Support; that's the whole idea behind the C-Thru Armboard. Made of bright green acrylic, the C-Thru Armboard slips under the pad of any stretcher or surgical table and is held in place by the weight of the patient. Easy access for the C-Arm, the C-Thru Armboard is entirely radiolucent, extremely sturdy, and simple to clean and store. It's a bright addition to any clinical setting! Operative platform dimensions: 20" x 11" on one end and 25" x 11" on the other. (2" offset) Overall length: 45"

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