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Skytron 7000 Micro Procedure

SKU: PRIM-7000 Micro Procedure

$000 USD

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Description :

Every aspect of the Skytron 7000 Series has been optimized for Microsurgery. The table
combines all the traditional degrees of articulation for general sur- gery with a totally unique 4-
way lateral/ longitudinal slide to facilitate microscope procedures. Not only does the table offer
4-way slide, it also features a return-to- center feature that is operated via the custom designed
foot control. The Skytron 7000 Micro Surgical Table is designed with a lateral and longitudinal
top sliding capability. 2 in any direction eliminates moving, adjusting and refocusing the
microscope during micro-surgical procedures.

• Lateral and longitudinal top slide (2 any directory)
• Two-piece back section with removable upper
• Radiotranslucent top throughout
• Removable split leg sections swing out or drop
down as needed
• Foot control permits the surgeon to operate
slide and return functions for interface with
• Pendant control of all functions
• Standardized slide rails
• Low height (23″) height adjustment
• X-Ray cassette tunnel
• X-Y movement
• Speed adjustment and return

Height: 23”-44”
Trendelenberg: 45o
Reverse Trendelenberg: 20o
Weight Limit: 400 Lbs
Dimensions: 76”(L) x 20”(W)

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