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Waldman Visiano 20-2 Examination Light

$1,50000 USD
Wall Mounted

The Waldman Visiano 20-2 LED examination light is an innovative medical luminaire designed to provide a high level of performance in many applications including gynecology, dermatology, urology, neonatology and anesthesia. Interchangeable light colors allow the user to match the light to a specific task. High quality LED illumination can be highly useful in intensive care and surgery prep.

The housing of the Visiano 20 is treated with a biocide, or integrated antimicrobial Sanitized hygiene function. It provides permanent protection and can eliminate 99% of the bacteria and microbes that find their way to the fixture's surface. Please note however, this should not be a substitute for regular cleaning.

Waldmann provides several configurations for the Visiano 20 including wall mounted, rolling floor stand mounted, and ceiling mounted. Ceiling mounted units are available in several lengths depending upon the height of the ceiling where it will be used.

  • Ceiling mounted units are also available with single or dual heads
  • 360° turning axis at the luminaire head for ease of movement
  • Only slight thermal radiation in light (reduced drying of tissue)
  • Totally enclosed design for easy sanitizing
  • Strong, aluminum frame and spring-balanced friction joints
  • Luminous power: 60,000 lux at 0.5 meters
  • Color temperature: 3500 K and 4500 K
  • Illumination field at 0.5 meters: 8.3 inches (21cm)
  • Color rendering index: Ra>95
  • Controls: Keypad located on luminaire head
  • Standards met: EN 60601-1, EN 60601-2-41
  • Protection rating: IP 20

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