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Waldmann 112975000-00555619 Tameto LED, 26W LED, 100-240V (37.6")

SKU: WALD-112975000-00555619

$80873 USD
Description :

Waldmann Lighting Part Number: 112975000-00555619Waldmann's TAMETO is designed to offer broad, bright light output for workbenches and assembly workstations. It reduces glare, eye strain and fatigue, providing a comfortable work environment for long workdays. Strong, sleek and minimalistic, the TAMETO has a closed design suitable for cleanroom applications. The TAMETO is the perfect complement to a busy workplace. Broad light output specially designed for workbenches and assembly workstations Premium workmanship in accordance with Waldmann's quality standards Extremely robust aluminum housing Up to 60% energy savings at up to 40% higher illuminance when compared to conventional compact fluorescent lamp

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