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Waldmann113525000-00698859 MLD LED Magnifier, 3.5d, 31" Double Arm - Clamp

SKU: WALD-113525000-00698859

$51767 USD
Description :

Waldmann 113525000-00698859Waldmann MLD Magnifier offers a perfect combination of optimal 3.5 dpt magnification and high light quality. The MLD magnifying light can be used wherever a closer look is needed. The 2-D head joint along with a wide field of vision allows for adjustability with comfort and ease. The 3.6 inch distortion free lens and premium LED lighted surround offer clear, glare free vision at the work surface. In addition, the dimming functionality makes this magnifying light an indispensable tool for many industrial applications where intricate work is performed. LED technology On/off and dimming capability with switch integrated into the head Oversized 6.3 inch diameter lens made from strong acrylic Premium quality satin lens cover keeps lens protected from dust, etc., when not in use Includes table clamp that can be removed to become a Screw Down Base or Pin Mount

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