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News — KN95 vs N95

KN95 VS N95 Mask What's the difference ?

Posted by Tanyia Cordier Beck on

KN95  VS  N95 Mask  What's the difference ?

Q: What is an N95 mask?     A: An N95 mask is a polyester-based filtering facepiece respirator. It is regulated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The “N” stands for “Non-Oil,” meaning that it offers protection against solid and non-oil-based particles. The “95” refers to the efficiency rating; in the case of N95, masks should be filtering at least 95% of particles.     Q: Do N95 masks have ear loops or elastic headbands?     A: NIOSH-certified N95 masks have elastic headbands. This is important because the elastic headbands ensure a tighter fit and...

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