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Primis Medical carries a large assortment of medical equipment and supplies including new, used and refurbished surgical instruments and tools, medical devices and medical technology and machines. We also carry clinical lighting and laboratory equipment. We are also able to source hard-to-find, or used medical equipment at substantial savings to you. We ship worldwide.

Much of our used and refurbished medical equipment can be found on our ebay store, but you can also call us directly.

A core expertise of our staff is the ability to source, ship and provide on-site setup of an entire practice, exam room, or specialty use area in a medical facility. Please give us a call and ask us how we can help! 

Medical Infrared Thermometer Health Chex HG02

Medical Infrared Thermometer  NO CONTACT !  HealthChex Model HG02  Fast Speed , Data Memory , HIGH TEMP WARNING , Backlight  • Model: HG02• Measurement Method: Non Contact• Measurement Distance: 3-5cm•...


Amvex Thorpe 15 Liter Oxygen Flowmeter Model FM-15UO-OH OHIO

 Amvex Thorpe 15 Liter Oxygen Flowmeter Model FM-15UO-OH. This unit is compatible with the Ohio wall fittings. This item is new. Model: FM-15UO-OH Specifications: Color Code: Domestic (ANSI) Gas: Oxygen Flow Rate: 15 L/min Wall...


Waldmann Opticlux 10 LED Magnifier Light

The Waldmann Opticlux is an LED magnifier light with an articulating arm, several mounting options and terrific features such as an optional wood's lamp, a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED...

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Hemacytometer LW Scientific

Our hemacytometer is specially designed for counting erythrocytes and leukocytes. Double rulings are visible through a wide range of illumination. Neubauer rulings are 0.1mm below cover glass. The H-shaped moat...


GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva/5 MRI

The Aestiva/5 MRI is a multi-faceted system that addresses the many demands of your MRI environment.In fact, it seems a shame to even refer to it as “just an anesthesia...


Drager Narkomed GS

Used Dräger Narkomed GS Anesthesia Machine For Sale Quick Reference: Modes of Ventilation Available:Flow Control: ManualMonitoring Options Available:Vaporization: TraditionalCategory: Retired; Non-Production The Dräger Narkomed GS Anesthesia delivery system is a highly preferred...


Mindray A3 Anesthesia System

The Mindray A3 Anesthesia System is medical equipment that merges intuitive simplicity with advanced technology. Today’s anesthesia clinician demands the benefit which intuitive ways to deliver  technology  can provide, like better patient care....


GE Ohmeda S/5 Aespire

Quick Reference: Modes of Ventilation Available: VCV; PCV/ SIMV/PS; PSVProFlow Control: Analog; Low FlowMonitoring Options Available: VPOVaporization: TraditionalCategory: Basic; Current Production The S/5 Aespire provides proven performance with the 7100 Ventilator and Datex-Ohmeda...


Drager Narkomed MRI

The Narkomed MRI is a unique anesthesia system. It is the sole machine with an integrated ventilator and VPO monitor designed and engineered to perform without distance or electromagnetic restrictions in...


Drager Fabius GS

Refurbished Drager Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine For Sale The Drager Fabius® GS Anesthesia Machine is a popular choice for practitioners who demand advanced ventilation technology combined with reliable and proven breathing system...


GE Medical Ohmeda Aestiva/5

The Aestiva/5 offers clinicians exceptional capabilities and flexibility, while providing a cost-effective approach to anesthesia therapy. The Aestiva/5 with SmartVent is engineered to provide you with capabilities of an intensive care ventilator, sparing you...


Drager Fabius Tiro

Used Drager Fabius Tiro Anesthesia Machine For Sale Quick Reference: Modes of Ventilation Available: VCV; PCV, PSV, SIMV/PS; SpontaneousFlow Control: ElectronicMonitoring Options Available: Color display; Draeger Infinity; Draeger SCIOVaporization: TraditionalCategory:...