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Medical Equipment - New, Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment - Primis Medical

Primis Medical carries a large assortment of medical equipment and supplies including new, used and refurbished surgical instruments and tools, medical devices and medical technology and machines. We also carry clinical lighting and laboratory equipment. We are also able to source hard-to-find, or used medical equipment at substantial savings to you. We ship worldwide.

Much of our used and refurbished medical equipment can be found on our ebay store, but you can also call us directly.

A core expertise of our staff is the ability to source, ship and provide on-site setup of an entire practice, exam room, or specialty use area in a medical facility. Please give us a call and ask us how we can help! 

Waldmann Opticlux 10 LED Magnifier Light

The Waldmann Opticlux is an LED magnifier light with an articulating arm, several mounting options and terrific features such as an optional wood's lamp, a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED...

From $665.00

Waldman Ring LED Magnifier Light, 6 Diopter

The Waldmann Ring LED is an ideal lighting solution for precise examination of small subjects and is well-suited for many applications including mechanical engineering, medical and research and development. The sleek, minimalist design will fit easily into any...


Waldmann Tevisio LED Magnifier Light

The Waldmann Tevisio is a table-clamp mounted LED magnifier light available with a 31' or 39" reach and 3.5 diopter magnification (1.88x) or an optional 3.5 diopter + 8 diopter...

From $704.00

Waldmann Halux N50 Premium Exam Light

The Waldmann Halux N50 exam light uses seven powerful LEDs, which work together to provide 50,000 lux illumination to the exam area with bright, clean, natural color rendering (CRI >93). The Halux N50...

From $787.00

Waldman Visiano 10-1 Examination Light

The Waldmann Visiano 10-1 is an LED medical examination light which has been reduced to the essentials without sacrificing high-quality and professional lighting. For everyday use, the Visiano 10-1 will win...

From $746.00

Waldman Visiano 20-2 Examination Light

The Waldman Visiano 20-2 LED examination light is an innovative medical luminaire designed to provide a high level of performance in many applications including gynecology, dermatology, urology, neonatology and anesthesia....

From $1,420.00

Waldmann Triango 100 Minor Procedure Light

The Waldmann TRIANGO 100 minor procedure light has a unique arm system which provides both a long reach, and positional accuracy.  This lamp is quite easy to quickly and accurately adjust and the...

From $4,345.00