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Disposable Gloves: Properly Put On & Take Off Latex Gloves

If you are working with individuals who could be contaminated with COVID-19, it is important to use the correct PPE equipment including disposable gloves the right way. This article provides information on how to safely don and doff disposable latex gloves to reduce the chance of contamination.

Various different types of PPE equipment can be used by medical staff and team members of other institutions such as schools to eliminate issues with the spread of COVID-19. However, this will only be effective if the PPE is put on and removed the correct way. Failing to do this will put the individual at risk as well as anyone they interact with. There are specific instructions that should be followed for putting on and taking on latex disposable gloves in this type of situation.

Putting On Latex Disposable Gloves

The process of putting on PPE such as latex gloves is referred to as donning. Putting on or donning latex disposable gloves the right way will reduce potential issues with the spread of infections as well as contamination.

First Wash Hands

First, you need to ensure that you are washing your hands correctly. To do this, you can either use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Regardless of the option you choose, it is important to spend thirty seconds washing your hands. You should wash thoroughly between the fingers and up to the wrists as well as cleaning your fingernails. Next, you need to make sure that you put on the disposable gloves immediately after washing your hands without touching anything else.

Ensure A Proper Fit

Before you put on disposable gloves it is important that you ensure you are choosing the right type for a specific type of work and any potential hazards. You also need to make sure that the right size is used. You can check this using a hand sizing chart. If your gloves are too tight, they are more susceptible to tears, and if they are too loose, contamination is possible through contact with the exposed skin.

Inspect Disposable Gloves for Rips and Tears

It is important to check the latex disposable gloves you are using for any rips and tears. If the gloves are damaged in any way they should not be used as this could result in contamination. When putting on the gloves, you should make sure that they are tight on your hands. Move the gloves down on your fingers to ensure that they are properly aligned and that there is a snug fit all over. The gloves should also be adjusted so that they do cover the wrists of the protective gown that you are using. There should be no gap between the gown and the glove.

Removed Jewelry First

It’s important that you do not wear gloves with jewelry or rings as these can lead to damage to the glovers during use. These should be removed before you put the gloves on. It is also worth noting that disposable gloves are for single use only. They should not be worn more than once and will not provide the same level of protection a second time.

Taking Off Latex Disposable Gloves

Taking off your latex disposable gloves safely is just as important as putting them on. You don’t want to risk spreading infections by touching other equipment in the area and having the infection linger on the surface. It’s for this reason that you need to make sure you are aware of how to take off latex gloves properly.

Start At The Wrist

The first step is to grasp the outside of the latex glove at the wrist. It’s important that you do not touch any bare skin and only grab where the glove is. Once you have done this, you need to carefully pull the latex glove off your hand, pulling it inside out as you go along. It’s still important that you’re not touching any bare skin with your other hand, so you need to be extremely careful. As soon as the glove is fully off, you need to hold it in your hand that still has the remaining glove on.

To take the other latex glove off, you need to be extremely careful that you don’t touch the outside. If there is anything on the glove, your palm and the outside of the glove is where the disease or infection is going to be, which is why you don’t want to touch it.

Use Your Fingers

So, you need to insert your fingers into the latex disposable glove from the top where your wrist is. You need enough fingers to be able to push the glove off in the same fashion that you did the previous glove, just being slightly more careful as your hand is exposed. While you are pulling the latex glove away from your hand, turn it inside out in the same way that you did with the first one. This should leave the first glove inside the second, with the first glove still being inside out for safety reasons.

Dispose of the Latex Gloves

It is essential that you do not reuse these latex disposable gloves at any point, and dispose of them at the first possible disposal point. As soon as you have disposed of your gloves, you need to go to a handwashing station and wash your hands thoroughly. Or, if your organization has any other hand hygiene practices that you need to abide by, you must complete it.

Sanitize Your Hands As Required

This may be using alcohol-based hand sanitizer if there are no handwashing stations available at the time or within easy access. Ensure that your hands are fully clean and dry after taking your gloves off and if you need to put another pair on, ensure you follow the correct donning procedure as laid out above.

Learn The Proper Way to Use Latex Disposable Gloves

Latex gloves are an essential part of any PPE that will be used in a variety of organizations such as hospitals, schools, MD offices, long-term care facilities, large businesses and so on. It is important that you understand fully how you should take on and take off these pieces of equipment to avoid the risk of contamination in the space. If you are ever unsure about whether you have completed the procedure correctly, refer to the steps above and check that you completed all of them.


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