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Primis Medical -Clinical Examination Equipment, Esthetics & Tattoo Equipment
Primis Medical - clinical equipment

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Primis Medical - Personal_health_partner
Primis Medical - Personal_health_partner

Personal Health Equipment and Supplies

Primis medical - Pet_health
Primis medical - Pet_health

Veterinary Supplies and Equipment

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Primis medical - desktop_slide

The only partner you need to sell surplus medical equipment

Why Choose PRIMIS Medical?

We provide our customers value at every step of the inventory decision process. We have wide range of products that we ship throughout the U.S. and Worldwide. Primis Medical provides sales and services to hospitals, first responders, ambulatory surgery centers, veterinary practices, MD offices, technical schools, government facilities, and the general public.

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About Primis

Primis Medical is now poised to lead the change. Representing
over 100 manufacturers we feel confident that we can help you
find the right solutions at the right price.
In 2022 Primis proudly introduced to our customers the TAP “The Asset Portal”, a revolutionary asset management and ordering system. TAP does the work for you utilizing millions of
data points and algorithms it helps you have a clearer picture
of inventory usage and sourcing. We feel this tool will help our
customers really make sense of the complex supply chain.

disposable gloves worn by a man close up of hands on white background.

Disposable Gloves: Properly Put On & Take Off Latex Gloves

If you are working with individuals who could be contaminated with COVID-19, it is important to use the correct PPE equipment including disposable gloves the right way.
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What makes a good first aid kit?

What makes a good first aid kit?

First aid kits run the gamut from small plastic boxes with a few bandages and an antiseptic spray, to kits that could nearly completely equip an EMT. What kind of a...
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KN95 VS N95 Mask What

KN95 VS N95 Mask What's the difference?

The “N” stands for “Non-Oil,” meaning that it offers protection against solid and non-oil-based particles. 95 refers to the efficiency rating and should be filtering 95% of particles.
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