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About The Asset Portal

Managing medical inventory from acquisition through redistribution, sale, or disposal can often be a very labor-intensive, time-consuming process. However, process of reselling dated medical supplies and equipment can be daunting. The benefits of capitalizing on underserved resources and diverting waste from landfills can be great. Whether you are tracking one facility or multiple distribution centers, The Asset Portal Surplus Management Software (TAP) is designed to relieve you of the long arduous process of manual data entry making it easier to achieve both environmental and fiscal sustainability goals.

TAP includes functional modules for:

  • Transfers, Receiving and Warehouse Management
  • Redistribution, Sale, and Disposal
  • Local, State and Federal Surplus
  • Reporting and Accounting
  • Mobile Data Collection & Surplus Transfers

Use TAP to

Mobile Accessibility

The Asset Portal (TAP) is optimized for mobile use on any device running a full web-browser, including iOS, Android and Windows devices. All functions of the program can be executed using mobile devices. Specially designed mobile applications take advantage of hardware features to scan barcodes, capture images, and wirelessly sync data to the master database

Transfers, Receiving, & Warehouse Management

From surplus transfers, to online receiving and tracking, TAP from The Asset Portal includes functionality that caters to the unique needs of every organization. Email notification, customizable layout, optional approval routing and detailed audit trails maximize efficiency and eliminate delays in processing.

The Transfers, Receiving, and Warehouse Management modules include:

  • Automate property transfers with easy to use online forms
  • Create, approve and receive new surplus transfers in the system
  • Email notifications for pickup and receipt of surplus assets
  • Wireless Warehouse application to automate receiving, storage, sales and inventory
  • Label printing functionality allows you to print barcode labels directly from the program

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