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BD Insulin Syringe w/ Ultra Fine Needle 0.5mL 31G (box of 100)

SKU: BD-328468

$49.99 USD

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Description :

BD Ultra-Fineâ„¢ 31G (0.25mm) 5/16in (8mm) 1/2cc (0.5mL) U-100 Insulin syringes are designed with large dose unit markings so patients can see numbers and scale lines clearly. BD engineers every Ultra-Fineâ„¢ Syringe to be thinner and smoother for a more comfortable and less painful injection. Needles are sculpted to create a flatter, thinner surface that helps penetrate the skin with significantly greater ease for a smoother and gentler injection. Electro-Polishing polishes away microscopic burrs giving every needle a smooth finish Micro-Bonded Lubrication process that creates more glide and less friction and Fine-Point Technology that shapes the tip of every needle as finely as possible for easier penetration using a three step process. Clinical trials support improved patient comfort, easier insertion and overall preference.


  • Needles are made with surgical steel
  • Needles are 3-bevel cut for a sharper point
  • Thin wall cannulas (needle) for easier flow
  • 0.5 mL graduations
  • Clear polypropylene hub
  • Gamma radiation sterilized
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Experation: 01/2027
  • Box of 100

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