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Transparent Squirt Bottle 250ml Box of 12


$37.95 USD

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Description :

Squirt bottles from Dynarex provide easy flow control. The scale marks on the bottle's surface give you complete control over how much fluid is emitted. For pliability, the bottle's body is made of Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE). The squirt bottle is solvent-resistant and clear, making checking the material or fluid level more easier. The bottle features an internal hose that extends from the bottom. The spray top can be removed.


  • One-piece cap and stem prevent leaks
  • The internal hose extends from the bottom of the bottle
  • Removable screw-top cap on the narrow mouth
  • A transparent body allows for easy checking of fluid level
  • Comfortable flow control
  • DEHP and Latex-free
  • Model: 9560
  • 250 mL / 8.5 oz

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