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Filtered Stoma Cap, 1-15/16 Inch Opening, 4 in. Box of 30

SKU: 335040BX

$97.95 USD
Description :

Filtered Stoma Cap Contour Iâ„¢ Beige Odor-Barrier Pouch with SoftFlex, Barrier Opening 1-15/16 Inch, Cap Size 4 Inch

    • 1-15/16 Inch opening
    • Standard wear skin barrier, flat
    • Without tape border
    • Integrated filter
    • Beige odor-barrier pouch film
    • It provides the ultimate in comfort, almost like not wearing a pouch at all
    • The rustle-free film is soft and silent
    • Protects the skin, yet is gentle upon removal
    • The filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas
    • Box of 30

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