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MidCentral Medical MCM-410 Long Armboard MCM410 Standard Drop-Latch Style 24" (New)


$245.00 USD
Description :

Drop-Latch Style Armboard
• Model: MCM410

Tried and proven armboard.
Armboard drops onto rail and locks by means of a weighted trigger lock.
Armboard releases off rail by simply holding trigger lock up and lifting on the outer end of board.
Finger latch trigger on outer end of board allowing for 180 degree rotation
Durable steel casting for longevity
Armboard is made of 3/8" thick black phenolic and weighs a slim 4.5 pounds
Pad sold separately, Item # MCM416
Available in 24" or 26" long sizes.
Fits all American made OR tables.

This item is new.

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