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Manual Differential Counters LW Scientific 5-key and 8-key


$189.00 USD
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Manual Differential Counters LW Scientific 5-key and 8-key is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Description :

Traditionally differential counters have been manual “gear and lever” machines, and many lab techs are accustomed to the feel of the levered keys. LW Scientific offers both 5-key and 8-key manual counters for those traditional techs to count Baso, Eosin, Myelo, Juven, Stab, Seg, Lymph, and Mono cells. These counters feature pictures and names of each cell for easier identification. The LW Scientific manual counters are economical, durable, and will provide years of use…even in the most demanding laboratory settings.

5 Key Differential Counter

8 Key Differential Counter

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