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Medtronic MAVOL100U Microstream Advance Adult Oral-Nasal Filter Line with O2 Tubing 100 BX

SKU: 39527

$1,835.00 USD
Description :

Medtronic MAVOL100U Microstream Advance Adult Oral-Nasal Filter Line with O2 Tubing 100 BX
• Intubated and non-intubated options for short-term and long-term monitoring

• 0.2-micron sterilizing-grade filter designed to help reduce the risk of biohazard contamination of
the monitor

• Uni-junction™ technology, designed for effective sampling with and without oxygen delivery, from
both nares and the mouth, even at low tidal volumes

• The oral scoop design has a wide surface area to provide breath capture even in the presence of
shallow breathing

• Oxygen flows from holes in front of nasal prongs and improves the humidity of O21
Soft tubing and neutral scent for improved patient compliance

• Kink-resistant tubing engineered to mitigate interrupted oxygen flow and resulting alarms meet
ISO 13544-2 compliance standard

• Low flow 50-mL/minute sample rate, effective for virtually all patient types and necessary for
neonatal sampling

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