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Mindray 6100F-PA00293 Passport V Patient Monitor Nellcor SpO2

SKU: 37036

$1,950.00 USD
Description :

Mindray Passport V Patient Monitor has been recently removed from service.
Offering a comprehensive range of options, Mindray Passport V is well-suited for a variety of hospital departments. The Passport V comes configured as you like - with just the level of monitoring you need to best care for your patients. With the ability to display up to eight waveforms, Passport V can perform physiological measurements on even your more challenging patients.
Single-touch quick action keys and the navigator knob can be used to swiftly move the cursor within and between menus. Expansion of monitored parameters is automatic, as you add or remove patient cables the display will adjust accordingly.
Preparing a patient for transport can be time-consuming and complicated. The Passport V quick-release mount makes this move easier. With a one-touch mechanism, the monitor is instantly disengaged from the wall mount or rolling stand and ready for transport, patient cables, and all.
Model: 6100F-PA00293
Version 01.07.00

96 hours of graphic and list trends 
12.1-inch color LCD Screen 
3 to 8 waveforms with automatic configuration 
Nellcor ECG, SpO2,

Mindray Passport V Monitor

Display type: Color anti-glare TFT display
Size: 12.1 inches (246 x 184.4mm)
Resolution: SVGA 800 x 600 pixels 
Waveforms: 3 to 8 
This item is used and in good condition.

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