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Skytron 3500 Elite

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Description :

The Skytron 3500 General Purpose Surgery Table takes patient positioning and imaging access
to whole new level. The 21 inch sliding top combined with full patient articulation makes this
the table of choice for virtually every major general surgical procedure. The low height has also
been enhanced, making it better suited to procedures with the patient in the seated position
as well as bariatric patients. This table has the ability to achieve extreme positions while
maintaining patient safety. A stable footprint and rigid surface provides assurance that the
patient position will be maintained as desired. The Skytron 3500 Elite features an incredible
21″ top slide, 500 lb lift/articulation, return-to-level and return-to-center. An ultra modern
table, able to satisfy all of your C-Arm and general surgery needs. Good for use in urology,
neurosurgery, orthopedic, cysto, vascular, E.N.T. and open heart surgery.

• 500 pounds weight capacity
• Provides full body imaging
• Instant response table movements
• Easy-to-use pendant control

• Trendelenburg: 25°/20°
• Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°/20°
• Lateral Tilt: 20°/20°
• Elevation: 26″ – 45″
• Back Up/Down: 90°/40°
• Leg Up/Down: 0°/100°
• Leg: Removable
• Top Slide Head/Feet: 7½”/13½”
• Top Slide Total: 21″
• Return to Level: Returns all functions to level
• Kidney Elevator Up/Down: 5½”/0″
• Flex/Reflex: 120°/90°
• Emergency Brake Release: Fully Mechanical

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