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V. Mueller OP7551 Hartman Mosquito Forceps Delicate Jaws 4"

SKU: 36667

$22.95 USD
Description :

V. Mueller Hartman Mosquito Forceps A hand-held manual surgical instrument designed to facilitate the grasping, manipulation, or clamping of, and/or removal of foreign bodies from, ophthalmic soft-tissues (ocular tissues, eyelids), and may be pointed for capsulorhexis. It has a conventional (self-opening) or reverse-action (self-closing) tweezers-like design with variously designed tips, whereby the blades are designed to be opened/closed by squeezing between the fingers (i.e., without ring handles); it is not probe-like in design (i.e., not cannulated). It is typically made of metal, available in various sizes, and may have carbide inserts at the working end. This is a reusable device intended to be sterilized prior to use.

Model: OP7551

Delicate Jaws Ophthalmic soft-tissue manipulation forceps



Overall Length: 4 inches

This item is used and in very good condition.

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