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Waldmann D16075000: Triango Fokus LED 100-3 C, Dimming, Color Changing - Ceiling Mount

SKU: WALD-D16075000

$4,360.80 USD
Description :

Waldmann D16075000, was D15887000 TRIANGO 100 has an ergonomic feel and is a top choice for as a minor procedure light. These also work well as surgical lights for veterinarians. The closed design keeps particles and liquids from permeating the light housing. With the concave shape, a physician can position the light directly over the patient and reduces shadowing from the practitioner's hand or equipment. Producing 100,000 lux of light at 1 meter, the TRIANGO 100 has improved performance over other lights in the market. All models feature four dimming levels, 40/60/80/100%, to allow for the perfect light condition. This version includes a mounting for a ceiling, adjustable color changing (3700K/4300K/4700K) and the ability to change the field of light from 7 inches to 11 inches. Four dimming levels (40/60/80/100%) on all models Fully functional keypad is easily accessible 7-inch illuminated field and is focusable to 11-inch diameter Detachable and sterilizable handle Adjustable color temperature of 3700/4300K/4700K color temperature Spring arm design offers flexible movement in all directions Sealed construction for contaminant-free operation Ceiling Mounted Version

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